Ducati V4 Triple Clamps
Ducati V4 Triple Clamps

Ducati V4 Triple Clamps

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Ducati V4 Triple Clamps

The stock offset of the Ducati V4 is set at 30mm.  With our triple clamps, you get three inserts for the top clamp and three more for the lower clamp.  The included inserts give you 25 or 30mm, 26 or 29mm, and 27 or 28mm.

  • Fits V4 with Showa/Ohlins fork. (Contact for other)
  • Black anodized.
  • 25mm, 26mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm and 30mm offset.
  • Adjustable steering bumpers.

Before shipping the triple clamps, we add a cobalt base anti-seize paste on the insert and fork bolts. We also apply the blue Loctite solution to the smaller accessory bolts.