Custom Suspension

Custom Motorcycle Suspension Solutions

If you are a racer and want a custom linear suspension linkage for your race bike, we can take care of it.  We have been designing linear suspension linkages for many different bikes over the years.   Our links are being used all over the world and feedback from riders has been very good.

Stock links on motorcycles are progressive, and some are worse than others.  This progression in the rising rate can be seen as a safety factor that the manufacturers put in their motorcycles because they cannot know if the rider weighs 100 lbs or 200 lbs with a 150 lbs passenger.  The progression makes it harder and harder for the wheel to travel, which prevents the suspension to bottom out.

The linear linkages that we offer reduce the amount of progression in the rear suspension.  This means that without links, it does not take as much force for the wheel to complete its full motion.  The result is that the rear shock performs better, making the tires last longer, and providing a better feel for the rider when applying the throttle when he exists a curve.

The software we use to design our links is MotoSpec.  It is a tool being used by teams in MotoGP, SBK, BSB, MotoAmerica etc.

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