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Formula SAE

Formula SAE

Scanning a Suzuki GSX-R600 engine for the University of Ottawa Formula SAE team.
Brake Lever Guard

Brake Lever Guard

Quick video of our brake lever guard in production.  They will soon be sent for anodizing so you will see them on our website in the coming weeks.  A great addition to our clip ons !
Scanning Engine Bay

Scanning Engine Bay

This is insane.  Twin turbine engine speed boat.  Held the speed record until Qatar spent millions to beat them.


This suspension link dramatically improved corner exit on my Aprilia. I can get on the gas much earlier out of a turn then before having this part on my bike. It makes track riding fun again and gave me confidence to push harder. An added benefit is rear tire life. Now the shock is doing the work its designed to do. AAAAA++++++ Forsaken Motorsports!!!

Daniel-Eric Ouimet #58

Beautifully made, flawless machining and no need for a modified shock !!
Great price and prompt service.


I had my first weekend on it 2 weekends ago.
What a HUGE difference. The back end felt more stable and i was getting a lot more drive out of corners. No more bounce and not as much slide. I also noticed that i was getting twice as many laps on a tire and it was still in fantastic condition. It took me 2 sessions to figure out the changes i had to make in compression and rebound but after that is was amazing.