GSXR Linear Linkage

GSX-R600/750 Linear Suspension Link 11+

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GSX-R600/750 Linear Suspension Link  11+

This link keeps the suspension’s rising rate more linear for added traction and better power delivery.  The parts are machined in-house on our Haas VM3 from a billet block of aluminum.

This link will fit on the 2011-2023 GSX-R600/750.

The link raises the rear end by about 10mm for a better swingarm angle.  You will have to drop the forks to keep everything in line.

You will reuse the OEM bolts and sleeves.  The kit includes two rockers and one arm fitted with bearings.

This assembly is approximately 20 % stiffer than the stock unit which means there will be less flex under load.

The stock spring is ok, but might need to be changed for rider preferences.

Valving can also be modified to take advantage of the flatter rising rate.

This link is for rider only, no passengers !

Contact us if you have any questions.