BMW N54 Billet Valve Cover

The guys at Performance Boutique contacted us about a big project they had in mind.  The N54 twin turbo inline 6 cylinder engine from BMW has a plastic valve cover from the factory.  Under normal conditions, people don't have much issue but, for people pushing a lot of power, the valve cover can crack with the added heat and pressure.  PCV issues also come up which can cause a headache.

To fix these issues, Performance Boutique wanted to create a billet valve cover that could take heat and power, while looking as sexy as possible.  

With our Creaform laser scanner, we were able to reverse engineer the stock valve cover.  The most intricate task was to replicate the gasket groove.  Once this was drawn up in CAD we could start to program for the CNC.  The slab of aluminum needed weighs 145 lbs.  Once machined, it goes down to about 9 pounds.

Tests went well at Performance Boutique so we started producing them a few at a time.

This N54 billet valve cover can be found here.

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