Honda CBR1000RR Triple Clamps Project

Next up, Honda CBR1000RR Triple Clamps.

We currently have a Honda CBR1000RR in the shop.  We recently took it apart and scanned the different components so we can design our own triple clamps.  We see some similarities with the Honda CBR600RR, bottom fork diameter are the same and so is the mounting distance between the two forks.  This means we can reuse the bottom clamp.  Too bad the stem and top triple are very different between the two bikes.
Stay tuned for the prototypes.

CBR1000RR Triple Clamps

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  • Your blogs side is pretty interesting – I have a CBR1000RR 2012 so this post sparked my interest.

    A point of note; for the CBR1000RR 2012 onwards, it uses Showa BPF forks, (I think 50mm upper clamp Dia, 53 or 54mm lower) but the CBR1000RR SP model uses Ohlins forks that have different diameter forks at the lower clamps (upper clamps are same diameter)

    Karl Hatton

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